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How to Make Your Yard Look Incredibly Amazing This Spring

Last updated on March 16th, 2018 at 01:51 pm

The flowers are in bloom and leaves are on the trees. Now it’s time to whip your backyard into shape! Here are 5 tips for any homeowner to maintain their backyard.

Take a hard look at your landscaping. Now is the time to start fresh. Remove things that aren’t working. For instance, if that azalea bush just didn’t come back after the winter, pull it out and think about planting something different or nothing at all.

How’s the hardscaping? Hardscaping refers to rocks, patios, walkways, pavers, decks, and boxes around planters, fences, gates, arbors, gazebos, and more that need repair. I know that every year I have to repaint my deck, power wash the sidewalks and patio, not to mention the non-routine work I have. The winter weather can do some damage to all of these things so it’s important you make the necessary updates.

Take care of the lawn. Start with raking your lawn and pick up leaves, dead grass, or brush that have been sitting on top of your grass all winter. If you have the time, it’s always a good idea to aerate your lawn (truth be told, I never have). Then, fill in bare spots with grass seed. It’s important to do this before you lay down fertilizer.

It’s Fertilizer time. One of the most important lawn maintenance tips come spring is to fertilize your backyard. Scotts, the lawn care company, recommends fertilizing your lawn at least four times a year to maintain healthy turf. It’s best to start with a first feeding in early spring when your lawn is waking up from its winter slumber. Make sure you follow the directions very closely. Putting down too much fertilizer can burn your lawn.

Get in the Weeds. I have weeds everywhere. In my lawn, in my flower beds, growing out of rocks everywhere. I’m not going to sugar coat it; weeding is not fun. The good thing is if you purchase fertilizer with weed killer, the weeds in your lawn will die on their own.  Pulling the others is up to you. But, when you’re done, make it easier on yourself. You can buy weed control products like Snapshot or Preen, which will prevent weeds from growing for roughly four months. I highly recommend it so you’re not weeding in your backyard every weekend.

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